Dear Loving Readers,

As a child, did you feel your mom or dad love one of your siblings more than they love you? As an adult, do you feel your mom or dad love one of your siblings more than they love you?

Gabriel and I were having a serious discussion. We hit every topic possible, and I handled it with grace and dignity. My boys know that I am an open and honest book. I am here to guide them and serve them so they can follow their own guidance system, not my guidance system. Gabriel blatantly commented, “You love Lucas more than you love me.” Time to explore this subject with grace and dignity.

I acknowledged Gabriel’s feelings. I didn’t ignore them or suppress them or make him feel guilty or shameful. I shared from my heart.

Full Disclosure… “I love both of you guys the same. I don’t love one more than the other. But what you are noticing is a resonance that Lucas and I are having. Lucas is connected, and he is receiving. We are having flowing dialogue. There is no complaining or criticizing or attacking. We are in alignment. And what you are noticing in these moments is you are out of alignment and it doesn’t feel good. You are choosing not to connect, receive and flow. It has nothing to do with loving either of you more or better. My Being doesn’t allow that.
And it’s a matter of who is in the receptive mode… who is in alignment… with God, Spirit, Source, and Energy. Do you understand?” Gabriel nodded, “Yes.”

I elaborated my book, Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina is my love story to you Gabriel and to others.

And truthfully, I was proud that I received from Divine consciousness the words to minister to Gabriel’s heart and soul. I can see the same interaction with my parents and siblings.

What are you allowing?

Where are you disallowing?

Are you in resonance?

Are you feeling connected to God, to yourself, to others?

Are you feeling scare in love… when there is no scarcity?

Are you open to receiving?

Are you in flow?

Are you in alignment?

Are you in the receptive mode?

Gabriel asked a great question that expanded my consciousness. It allowed me to witness from Spirit’s eyes. It allowed acceptance, understanding, connection, intimacy, compassion, unconditional love. It allowed Gabriel to feel safe and secure and plant a solid foundation.

We are truly one.

All love because that is who I AM,