Dear Therapeutic Readers,

I attended a conference and one of the attendees asked, “Are you a therapist?” My parents recently came in town and my dad shared, “You should have been a therapist.”

Now why are others recognizing that in me? It’s because I’ve done internal work. I went into my fears, shadows, and darkness. I had to integrate and become whole. And the only way to embody is by becoming. I had to go in the darkness to see the light. By going into the pits of despair, it allows me to be kinder, gentler, and more compassionate with myself and others.

I don’t think I was asked as a child or an adult, “Jennifer, how do you FEEL?” My internal world (emotional, spiritual) was neglected. And it was not healthy in managing my external world. I didn’t have the acceptance, stability and forgiveness that I was searching for. It was do. Or go fix. Seek another authority for advice. But what about feel?!

I went into my internal world to claim a heavy footing of peace, love, and light. I explored my feelings and understood my thoughts contributed to my feelings… to my behavior… to my habits.

I love going into another’s internal world. I can sit with them and listen to them. What I’ve observed when others don’t like others discussing their internal world, it’s because they have not gone into their own internal world. So, it feels uneasy to talk about feelings. People that have grown can discuss feelings, relax into feelings, and be guided by feelings.

We are a society that neglected our spiritual side. We are in society that neglected our emotional side. And guess what? When you neglect parts of yourself, it causes separation. It leaves you scattered, overwhelmed, tossed to and fro. But guess what? We are individuals that can embrace our spiritual side. We are individuals that can embrace our emotional side. We can integrate and heal.

The only way you can invite change is by exploring your internal world. You can let go of your shame, burdens, guilt, and fear. And you can grab onto a new reality, a new existence, a new Being, a new beginning.

You are worth it. And if people think you are a therapist, smile. Its means you are healing! And maybe your bright and authentic light will beam as another courageously steps into their healing.