Dear Beautiful Readers,

Gabriel was up the entire night with a cough. The medicine I gave him didn’t work. So, I headed to CVS in the morning with the intention of getting Gabriel to feel better.

I left CVS with bag in hand. A car pulled up in the parking lot. A man got out. As I walked to my car, his face lit up. He enthusiastically expressed, “You are so beautiful!” I smiled and said, “Thank you.” He continued, “Oh my God.”

I slammed my car door shut. My eyes met me in the rearview mirror. This is what I saw. Sleep in my eyes. I didn’t brush my hair or teeth. In my sloppy sweats. I was there for a mission. It wasn’t about me. But when this guy made it about me, how did I respond? Yes, the cordial smile and the pleasant thank you. But how did I respond? When I looked in the mirror? How did I respond with my thoughts? My beliefs about myself? That is truly the bigger picture.

How do you respond when someone gives you a compliment?
How do you respond when someone gives you encouragement?
How do you respond when someone criticizes you?
What about when you criticize yourself?

I shifted my thoughts quickly in that moment. I caught myself. The inner critic. And I said, “Thank you universe for sending me a message. Thank you for breaking a pattern of thought. Thank you.”

As I drove off, the man leaned against his car door. He didn’t leave yet. He waited for me to look again. The wide grin still visible. This time, he waved goodbye. This time it was for me to gain a deeper understanding about myself.

What did he see? My divine internal being radiant. Shining brightly underneath this physical body. Hmm. And I smiled.

What do you consider beautiful?

I love a baby’s laugh. An older couple holding hands. The lyrics to a song. A line in a movie. The sensitivity of a courageous heart. A man crying. The mom cuddling her child. All those moments. All those experiences occur because God’s light is shining brightly.

Yes, we all may come in different shapes and sizes. Packaged differently but truly magnificent. It’s the divine characteristics… the divine beauty that lights a dark room, fills you up so your cup is overflowing.

Remember, you are beautiful in every way. Let your divine light shine brightly for all to see. And thank the universe when someone notices. “I am beautiful and empowered at every age.” ~ Louise Hay

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Beauty is in the eye of the receiver.
Beauty is how you respond.
Beauty is what you think about yourself.
Beauty is everywhere. You are beautiful. You are so beautiful.

Beautifully Understanding,