Dear Embodying Readers,

We all know our strengths and weaknesses. But that doesn’t mean one is good and the other is bad. It is what it is. They are opportunities to grow. How are you evolving?

I enrolled in a powerful Soul Encounter workshop and one of the exercises was to list three words that we would like to embody. My words from my Higher Self came as messages that I deduced to words.

The messages were:

1) I possess all the resources within. CONFIDENCE
2) I am more than enough. WORTHINESS & WORTH IT
3) My certainty comes from going within to have an inner peace that can’t be shaken. INNER PEACE

And during the weeks, I started to embody these qualities.

My heart opened and my perspective shifted as I allowed Confidence, Worthiness, and Inner Peace to embody me. And of course the situations presented itself from the universe. We ask and it is given. Remember, we create our own reality. What reality did I want to create?

Let me give an example of how these words played out.

Confidence… I attended Author 101 Conference and put my book, Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina, in literary agents’ hands. In fact, one literary doesn’t take new clients, but I followed my intuition and felt the confidence.

Inner Peace… I meditated at the Self-Realization Meditation garden and truly sought a peaceful and blissful week, not a moment, not a day, but a week where I didn’t allow my inner peace to be shaken. I was on cloud nine.

Worthiness… This occurred by seeing myself as whole, capable, courageous, powerful and my power comes from love. And once I saw myself as worthy, then I am worth going after my dreams and not playing it small. And my dream is to make inspirational Oscar movies and NY Times Bestseller books that create lasting change in viewers/ readers.

What words would you like to embody?

Where are you playing it small?

Where are you sabotaging your dreams?

What are you manifesting?

Are you happy with what you are creating?

Ask and you shall receive. So ask the universe with no doubt and insecurity but full expectancy in your heart and soul. And watch how it shows up.

Now go create with intention!