Dear Therapeutic Readers,

Gabriel had a physical therapy appointment. The therapy is to help with his scar tissue from thirteen surgeries, help release the fascia pulls where emotions are stored, and help with posture.

For the first series, I watched Gabriel and the physical therapist so I could understand his home care. But this series was different. Gabriel and the physical therapist had this.

While I sat in the waiting room, I observed people . . . their coming and going, their different conditions and personalities, their resistance and allowance.

My eyes caught a mother holding the hand of her special needs teenage son. They had an ethereal presence. Time stood still as they walked enthusiastically on cloud nine. They weren’t coming for a “physical therapy” appointment. They were coming for an experience, and they were radiating their true nature and spiritual essence. During the appointment, the physical therapist ushered the boy to stretch, using the door frame. He smiled and laughed. Every time he leaned in, the mom said, “Kiss me or you forgot to kiss me.” And they continued this game. But was it a game? Or were they here to teach me something?

I didn’t see two humans having a spiritual experience. I saw two spiritual beings enjoying the aliveness of this human experience. They were timeless. They were lighthearted. They were floating on cloud 9.

Most people would crumble in these circumstances., living at doctor appointments and having a child with special needs. But the mom quickly learned her lesson that her son is talented, gifted, beautiful and a gentle soul. That’s what made him special. The condition was just a symptom. But she quickly attuned to his true nature and spiritual essence. And they were there to enjoy the adventure on this physical plane.

I watched in awe. Then, they held hands. They smiled and left.

But they deposited so much in me as I observed their interaction. I was reminded of the gentleness, timeless, effortless, and lightheartedness of spirit.

Are you aware?

Are you paying attention to the people that God puts on your path?

What are they here to teach you?

Are you learning your lessons or fighting the circumstances?

And when you learn your lesson, there is a sweetness and innocence that all is well.