Dear Excited Readers,

We are wrapping up 2016. It is a time to slow down and reflect over your growth before 2017 begins. If we don’t slow down and reflect, we miss our opportunities of growth. We go onto 2017 with the same energy. And sometimes, energy needs to shift to usher in a new year.

A few years ago, I started a tradition in our family. Instead of a New Year’s resolution, we each pick a word for the year and that word carries tremendous energy. It becomes a focal point of intention.

On Christmas evening, we sat around the table and discussed our 2016 word. Each of us reflected on our individual growth. Remember, we have blinders and can miss things. When others speak up and share their insights on our growth, it’s a confirmation.

2016 Reflections…

Gabriel’s word for 2016 was success. Here are some of his successful highlights . . . Starting high school, keeping up his grades, doing his homework without help, getting up for school on time, speaking up about things that are important for him.

Lucas’s chose nice. Lucas was nice with his loving hugs and kisses, being a helper, receiving awards at school, getting along with classmates and football players.

I selected Ananda or joy. I was joyful when we sold our home, when I dance and sing, when I speak my truth, when I’m in the present moment, when I write, meditate and learn . . .  and oh so joyful with my growth.

Pierre decided on action. He took action by starting an Abraham-Hicks meet-up, attending a Tony Robbins conference, coming up with new business ideas, selling our home.

It was time to decide on our 2017 word.

2017 Word of the Year…

Gabriel admitted, “My word for 2017 is determination.”

Lucas surprised me as he shared his word “organization.”

I chose “miracle.” I want to be awake to the miracles each day as I continue to grow. A miracle in my career. A miracle in my finances. A miracle in my relationships.

Pierre shared, “Results.”

It is such an easy exercise that carries growth, awareness, intention.

Will you give it a try?

What is your word for 2017?

Where do you want to direct your growth, awareness, and intention?

May the end of 2016 bring a time of reflection as you usher in the energy for 2017 with intention.

Are you ready to play the energy game?

Experiencing miracles,