Dear Morning Lovers,

Or maybe you are not a morning lover and would love to stay in bed longer. But when you gladly wake up to the start of the day, how do you respond? Another day in dread or another day in excitement! We all have those days.

There are things to get you in a higher vibration. I’ve tried many. But these are my faithful ones.

When I wake up, the first thing I do is offer gratitude. And when you get in a state of gratitude, things appear easily. They flow into your existence, your consciousness, your awareness. They are sweetness to your lips. And they change. You no longer look for them. They gracefully come to you in the quiet, in the stillness, in the freshness of a new morning.

The second thing I do is offer my intention of the day. Remember, intention is all about energy. Where do I want to put my energy? Where do I want to set my gaze? Where do I want to focus?

The third thing that I do is ground my energy, protect and define my energy field, and call back my soul’s energy.

And I end with my Tibetan Singing bowl as I align my subtle energies.

This is my morning practice and it may take 10 to 15 minutes a day. But it helps me get in a good vibration before I go wake the boys up, walk the dog, and get on with the busyness of the day.

My gratitude today is being thankful that Pierre and I had an intense conversation last night and he didn’t react and I didn’t react. I had a vision and wanted to share from my heart. Thankful for Gabriel’s good attitude. Thankful that the dog licked me. Thankful that I am slept well. Thankful that it’s Wednesday, November 11. Thankful that I meditated before bed. Thankful for consciousness. Thankful for ideas, imagination, intuition, insights, inspiration.

My intention for the day is to stay in Alignment with Divine Bliss as I expand consciousness and receive from Source, God, Energy, Spirit.

What is your morning ritual?

What brings you joy?

What gets you in a higher vibration?

And maybe you don’t have a morning ritual. Or reaching for coffee or going for a run is your morning routine. Do the things that make you happy. Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullness. May your cup overflow with goodness, abundance, and joy.

Morning Lover,