Dear Choosing Readers,

You have the power to choose in every moment. You choose your thoughts. You choose how to respond compassionately or react harshly. You choose love or fear.

But what is your drug of choice? What is that stimulant that you need daily and can’t go without? We all have them. Some of us wave them like a banner. Some people live with guilt and shame. Some of us hide them. Some people overcome them.

Now, I am not talking about illegal drugs. I am talking about legal drugs… the sugar and caffeine, the attack and judgments, the needless suffering and drama, the attention and approval. It’s those little things that get under our skin, and we can’t go a day without. We can use those drugs in a healthy manner until we become addicted in an unhealthy manner. We all have our patterns and addictions. But I am looking to disown mine… one by one.

My drug of choice is sugar. Yes, I am a sugar-addict. People comment that I am not overweight… so eat it. Others comment that your cholesterol and triglycerides are goodso eat it. When my boys said, “We need to put a lock on the pantry because mom eats all the chocolate”… I could deny it, cover it, or wake up to this ugly truth. One day, you say fuck it because you are fed up with it! It is not serving you.

What is Your Drug of Choice?

Is it the approval, attention, and acceptance of others?

Is it comparing yourself to others to make yourself feel better or worse?

Is it gossiping about neighbors, dear friends, and other family members?

Is it another glass of wine because your nerves are shot when the kids are pillow fighting?

Is it the constant checking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Is it shopping and over consuming?

Is it spending money when you don’t have it?

Is it the binge eating?

Is it attacking others “in the name of Jesus?”

Is it being right instead of being loving?

Is it getting in that last word?

Is it giving your unasked, critical opinion?

Is it spreading negative energy?

Is it constantly criticizing yourself in the mirror? How about that bathing suit?

Whatever it is, there is no judgment. You get to choose. But one day you awaken to your patterns. And that day, you say fuck it because you are fed up with it. And you choose differently. You choose YOU. You are worth the love, acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion.