Dear Curious Readers,

Ayurveda examines our journey to be a sacred one. It’s a science of truth expressed in life. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term meaning “science of life. Ayu means “daily living or life” and Veda means “knowing.” It’s a healing system that has been practiced for over 5,000 years.

Since this is an Eastern approach, key elements are experience, observation, and acceptance; whereas the Western approach involves analysis, logical deduction, and questioning. One involves a right brain approach and the other involves a left brain approach. Neither of them are wrong or right. They are just different and that is what makes everyone’s spiritual evolution unique. As you open your mind and heart, you will discover an intimate connection to Ayurveda.

Energy is manifested into five principles: Ether (space), Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Ether manifests into Air and further into Fire. Certain ethereal elements are dissolved and liquefied through the heat of Fire. The element of Water manifest from the liquidation. It solidifies to form molecules of Earth. So, Ether manifests into the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The five elements are the heart of Ayurveda science. The goal is to balance all energies in the body; thus reducing disease and physical deterioration.

The elements correspond to our senses and organs. Ether transmutes sound through the organ of hearing, the ear. Air relates to the sense of touch through the sensory organ of the skin, especially the hand. We give, receive, and hold through our hands. Fire relates to vision and the organ of sight. Water corresponds to taste through the sensory organ of the tongue. The lower tongue involves the genitals while the upper tongue consists of the mouth. Earth relates to the sense of smell and organ of the nose.

The five elements manifests in our body as three principles or tridoshas called VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA. They govern all psychological, physiopathological and biological functions of the mind, body, and consciousness. When they are out of balance, they contribute to disease. And I don’t know about you but I rather EASE.

Tridoshas are responsible for food preferences; elimination of waste products; destruction, creation, and maintenance of bodily tissues; and our emotions. Each constitution is a combination of the elements. We have a predominant tendency towards one or more of the tridoshas.

Vata forms from Ether and Air into this bodily air principle.
Pitta exists from the Fire and Water elements.
Kapha manifests from the Earth and Water elements.

What’s interesting is our constitution forms at conception! How cool is that? It’s the combination of bodily Air, Fire, and Water that manifest into our parents’ bodies. Our constitution remains unaltered because it’s genetically determined. However, the combinations of elements represent changes in the body as it responses to changes in the environment. The internal forces are governed by Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Yet, we must create a balance internally through diet and habits of living to withstand the changes in the external environment. Balance is key. Isn’t it in everything?

Functions of Each Tridosha Include:

Vata (Air & Space) involves movement, breathing, motor functions, sensory functions, secretions, ungroundedness, fear, anxiety.
Pitta (Fire & Water) involves temperature, digestion, body heat, perception, understanding, intelligence, anger, hate, jealousy.
Kapha (Water & Earth) involves stability, energy, lubrication, forgiveness, greed, attachment, holding, possessiveness.

I discovered that I’m Vata in the physical body with a mindset of a Pitta. Time to balance. I incorporated botanicals for my Vata constitution. I started to eat cooked food. Lightening up on raw foods and salads. Something I learned of my Vata constitution. I incorporated more breathing techniques (Pranayama). Alternate nostril breathing is great for Vata. Left nostril breathing for Pitta and right nostril breathing for Kapha. I included Yoga Asanas or postures with deep, quiet breathing. I added Calamus root and Aloe Vera root to balance. I included certain gemstones for healing.

Alright. Enough about me. Time to discover your constitution. Go for it and take a dosha test. This is just another tool to have in your toolbox of discovery and exploration. As you learn who you really are, life gets easier. More balanced… and contentment is true health and wealth! What are you waiting for?

Vata Balanced,