Dear Asking Readers,

What is this moment asking of you? It’s a simple question; and sometimes the answer can be quite simple.

In meditation, I sat with this question. And the answer came. I take that as a vibrational match!

Words of restoration and realignment echoed. As it resonated with me, I hope it resonates for you.

The moment is asking for a re-connection because all too often we are connected to our past woes, future worries, trauma, ego’s demand, negative stories. When we let all that go, we welcome in a clean slate. We invite a re-connection to this present moment; to God, Source; to the voice of spirit; to our intuition. Are you ready to reconnect?

The moment is asking for . . .

Restoration . . . Restoring the years that the swarming locust has stolen.

Realignment . . . Realigning from the physical world to the spiritual world.

Recall . . . Recalling who you are and equally important who you are not.

Realize . . . Realizing you are more than a conqueror.

Revelation . . . Revealing your passion, purpose and patterns.

Renew . . . Renewing your mind with thoughts that are true, pure and noble.

Reborn . . . Reborn by extending forgiveness first to yourself, then others.

Resurrection . . . Resurrecting your soul’s destiny, mission, vision.

Release . . . Releasing your faith.

Recognize . . . Recognizing the beauty of the present moment.

Remember . . . Remembering your true nature.

Recall . . . Recalling faithfulness in your life.

Recalibrate . . . Recalibrating you to well-being.

Revive . . . Reviving your spirit with the aliveness of joy, expectation, satisfaction and contentment.

Replenish . . . Replenishing your well with heart-centered, conscious and good energy people.

We need to show up in the world clothed with grace, mercy, goodness, peace, compassion. If we are used to being busy, staying distracted, doing more, we don’t come into the present moment. We don’t reconnect to the great I AM.

We become whole, integrated, and reconnected.

What is the moment asking of you? Can you sense it? Can you sit in the stillness and breathe into the calmness? Can you wait for the answer? Can you reconnect?