Dear Symbolic Readers,

Have you ever discovered the meaning of your name? A quote that carries you throughout the years. What about your birthstone, birth flower, and birth tree? Yes, we have a birth flower and a birth tree. How awesome is that? And you have a best day of the week! Let’s go find out as I dug into my family’s names.

JENNIFER indicates Fair one. Yielding. White wave. A form of Guinevere.
Quote that will carry me is “Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook in life.”
Birthstone is Peridot, which helps your dreams become a reality.
Birth flower reveals Gladiola. It depicts a sword and represents strength and moral integrity. Gladiola pierces the heart with passion. Dreams of gladiators.
Birth tree is a Poplar, which reveals “Uncertainity.”
Best day of the week is Sunday.

PIERRE reveals Rock. A form of Peter.
Quote conveys, “You are talented in many ways.”
Birthstone is Ruby, and the Ruby wants you to open your heart to love.
Birth flower is a Delphinium and symbolizes swiftness and lightness. Ardent attachment.
Birth tree is a Cypress Tree and reflects “Faithfulness.”
Best day of the week is Sunday.

GABRIEL means God is my strength. Man of God. Famous bearer.
Quote depicts, “Nature, time, and patience are the three best physicians.”
Birthstone is an Aquamarine. It helps you to experience love and mercy, and eases grief.
Birth flower is a Daffodil which symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth.
Birth tree is a Weeping Willow and reflects “The Melancholy.”
Best day of the week is Thursday.

LUCAS expresses Light-giving. Illumination. Light.
Quote compliments, “You will inherit some money and a small piece of land.”
Birthstone is Alexandrite. It helps you to experience joy. Centers yourself. Reinforces self-esteem.
Birth flower is a Rose and symbolizes love, understanding, and balance.
Birth tree is an Apple Tree, which reveals “Love.”
Best day of the week is a Monday.

What does your name mean?
What quote will carry you through your childhood, adulthood, and older years?
What is your birthstone?
Better yet, what is your birth flower?
How about that birth tree?
What is your best day of the week?

Easter is around the corner. May you discover and explore all the meaning and understanding that life gives in a name, quote, stone, flower, tree, and day. Like an Easter egg hunt, may you keep your eyes open so you can expand your basket with bountiful treasures in life.

Enjoying Life,