Dear Spiritual and Soulful Readers,

Are you paying attention to the relationships in your life?

What relationships are you creating?

What relationships are you attracting?

Have you even considered them?

A spiritual and soulful relationship is what we truly desire. It’s our heart’s desire because it expands us exponentially. It’s our platform where we soar into greater depths.

A spiritual relationship occurs when we return to our Divine Inner Being. We return to our sacred space of inner peace, unconditional love, acceptance, compassion, joy, and fulfillment. We are aligned with our Divinity, and we can’t be rocked off balance or tossed to and fro. We are centered in who we are. Our happiness doesn’t depend on another person, circumstance, condition or event. We bring ourselves in relationship.

What are you bringing into the relationship?

How is your presence?

What do others remember you by?

A soulful relationship allows us to have compassion and respect for others journey. We all are returning home. We have the same destination. Yet, our soul’s journey is unique. We get ourselves in trouble when we judge, criticize, attack and complain because another soul’s journey doesn’t look like our journey. There is freedom, not control, to allow the other person to find their way home.

When two people come together, there is a synchronicity for a greater purpose. We may not see it. But when others agree to a spiritual and soulful relationship, magic happens. Intimacy gets deeper. Transparency is paramount. Connections are everlasting. Relationships are healed.

Now, you can have a spiritual, soulful, and/or a spiritual/soulful relationship with friends, your children, in your marriage. It is not tied to the opposite sex. But when it is, it is magical, beautiful, and extraordinary.

I am whole, capable, powerful, and confident without my husband.

My husband is whole, capable, powerful, and confident without me.

My husband once shared, “You are amazing. You don’t need me on the left of you or the right of you. In fact, you don’t need anyone standing on the right or you or left of you. You are amazing all by yourself.”

YOU ARE AMAZING! You don’t need anyone on the left of you or the right of you. YOU ARE AMAZING all by yourself!

Spiritual and soulful,