Dear Soulful Readers,

What feeds your soul? As you begin to write your Life Scripts with awareness and acceptance, you get to decide. And what feeds your soul 10 years ago, may be different than what feeds your soul today. As you awake, you get clearer with your desires, goals, and needs.

These are things that feed my soul… Inspiring others. My whole life people have come to me with questions, guidance, and inspiration. I always create a sacred space where others can be vulnerable and honest, not for me, but for themselves. Some people call me and apologize that they shared so deeply with me. But I tenderly assure them that they are safe with me. And I get to inspire them in creative ways.

Another thing that feeds my soul is writing. It’s where I truly express. It’s the real me, authentic and pure. It’s a place where I wrestle, shift, and open to Divine consciousness. It’s healing because I process, integrate, and embody all the wounded pieces and real pieces of me.

Music feeds my soul. It brings beauty to my heart and soul. It’s where I feel and where I can dance abandonedly.

Reading and learning feeds my soul. I love knowing of others courageous journey. It awakens something in me to dig for treasures in my own life.

Meditation and mindfulness feeds my soul. It quiets me, feeds me, and nourishes me with gratitude, openness, and clarity. They have become vitamins for my mind.

I like a fun adventure. I know I get bored in the mundane and dense energies. There must be fun, laughter, exploration. Life can’t be all serious.

I can be a social butterfly and enjoy connecting with others. But I also know that I need my quiet time to refresh.

I could go on and on with what feeds my soul. It’s a daily unveiling and unfolding as I get to the essence of who I am.

What feeds your soul?

Are you living someone’s Life Script? Or are you creating your Life Scripts with intention, awareness and acceptance?

Are you clear on your desires, goals and needs?

Is your list daily unveiling and unfolding?

Are you enjoying the process?

Have you opened to Divine consciousness?

Are you healing, integrating, and embodying all of you, the wounded pieces included?

May you live the life you love. And may you have the courage to change and embrace a new Life Scripts with beauty, joy, expansion, understanding and wisdom.