Dear Escape Readers,

Where do you escape to? Is it your inner sanctuary?

Escapism is the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.”

We all have escaped reality in some fashion. Not all escape is bad. It gives you a reprieve. We grab a book at night, only to devour the next five chapters. We turn on TV, flipping channels and still we couldn’t find anything. We enjoy a great movie, even if it was only an hour and a half. So some escape is necessary.

But what if escapism is habitual? It becomes an unhealthy pattern of distraction and relief.

The better question… What unpleasant reality are we escaping from? Some realities we can deal with easily and other realities we stuff, we neglect, we distract ourselves from the present moment.

Are you stuffing the credit card debt?

Are you borrowing money from your parents again?

Are you avoiding your friend?

Are you hiding with pornography?

Are you late on your mortgage?

Are you neglecting that heart to heart conversation?

Are you avoiding that person by phone, only to send a text or email?

Better yet, are you avoiding the text?

Are you neglecting the emotional and spiritual care of your spouse?

Are you neglecting parenting issues?

Are you avoiding your spouse’s suggestions?

Are you cursing your spouse out and denying that happened the next day?

Are you resisting that you are becoming like “your mom” or “your dad,” the good, the bad, and the ugly?

Are you stubborn to address issues with an open mind and open heart?

It’s easy to escape when the going gets tough. We escape with food, drugs, alcohol. We escape to social media to see how many likes are on our post. We escape by comparison. They have it better than we do. We escape by consumerism. We escape through travel. We escape.

When you escape year after year, it forms an unhealthy pattern of neglect. Neglecting intimacy. Neglecting connection. Neglecting trust. Neglecting. It becomes the elephant in the corner. No one talks about it but everyone sees it clearly. The person that is escaping may have blinders on.

When you continue to escape, you neglect your higher guidance who is gently, divinely, and timely giving you reminders through a person, event, or circumstance. You become numb to the present moment. Numb to healthy relationships. Numb to the wounds of your inner child.

The best way to deal with the escapism is to face that unpleasant reality. Sit with the feelings and breathe into the reality knowing that you are not stuck. This is temporary. Then, you stand with your feet firmly planted and you create a new reality with gratefulness, satisfaction, peace, joy, love.

Change is inevitable. However, growth is a choice that takes boldness, courage and willingness.

Depositing growth,