Dear Creative Readers,

You may not consider yourself creative but truthfully you really are, in so many ways that you may not even recognize. You are gathering new recipes, new experiences, new awareness . . . and you are creating. You may wave the wand of creation with decorating your house, organizing your office, learning a new language, cooking that vegetarian meal, adopting an animal from the rescue shelter, signing up for a conference, taking a class to hone that skill, improving your communication skills, having that talk that you may be avoiding, implementing dinner talk, letting go of toxic relationships.

We are deliberate creators!

But do we recognize what we are creating?

Are we content with what we are creating?

Are we happy with our creations?

We have a choice to create out of love or create out of fear.

We have a choice to create out of wholeness or create out of brokenness.

We have a choice to create out of inspiration or create out of obligation.

We have a choice to create out of clarity or create out of confusion.

We have a choice to create out of confidence or create out of doubt.

We have a choice to create out of trust or create out of havoc

We have a choice to create out of joy or create out of frustration.

We have a choice to create out of peace or create out of worry.

In every moment, we are waving the wand of creation. We are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. When we recognize our power, we embrace the gift. We are free to create whatever we want, without another’s validation or approval.

See, we have a connection to God, the Universe, the Great I AM, Source, Spirit, Strength, Sustainer, Shield. When we develop that connection, it becomes easier to hear truth. Sometimes the connection gets blocked with fear, self-limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns.

We can give freely and receive equally. It’s fine-tuning the balance.

Why don’t we create what we really want . . . moving from a survival mindset to a thriving mindset?

We can create more love, joy, peace at any moment, regardless of circumstances, people or events.

We can create from a rich well of confidence, trust, and clarity.

We can be inspired by Spirit and share our creations from a place of wholeness.

Let’s keep creating what we really want.

Creating with joy,