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Dear Advising Readers,

What advice would you tell your younger self? Life experiences evolved. Maturity has taken place. And hopefully, wisdom is gained.

There are no regrets in life. There is no judgment. There is no turning back the clock. But there is a time of getting it right . . . in the present moment.

grammar-school-daysGrammar School Days

How? By imagining your younger years . . . your childhood . . . your teenage years . . . your adulthood . . . and perhaps your older self. Snapshots in time. We all have them. There are certain images that come to my mind in a flash. Seeing myself laugh, cry, and skip; buying jeans with my grandpa; playing jacks with my dad; eating pralines my mom made; throwing my brother’s unfinished dinner out the window when my dad wasn’t looking; jumping in the hot tub to rinse that overly processed, curly perm; screaming when the neighbor’s dog chased me. And many more.

familyMy brother, mom, and my pixie

my-grandmaMy grandma, dad, sister, brother, and myself. 

We’re heading to the B-52’s concert.


There is so much that comes to mind.

I would tell her to train her mind. We are taught to train our body. We are taught to value our intellect. But I would tell her to train her mind. The chatter. The criticalness. The doubt. The fear.

I would share that she is worthy of all the good in the world. Worthy because of who she is and not what she does.

I would enlighten her that she is powerful beyond measure. And will grow into that power, confidence, and strength.

I would guide her to self-regulate her emotions . . . handle her sensitivities and her sensibilities. People can be cruel, critical, and harsh. But it only reflects what is going on in their own internal world.

I would prepare her to trust her intuition . . . trust her feeling . . . trust herself.

I would explain not to seek the approval, affection, and attention from another. She has all the resources within herself to heal.

I would expound to test her beliefs . . . other’s beliefs. See if they are life giving or life sucking.

I would edify her. She can’t make any mistakes. All her experiences are evolutionary stepping stones. Not mistakes. Not punishment. Not cruelty.

I would nurture her to let go and surrender to the process. She doesn’t have to try harder or fix anything. She is perfect in her beautifully flawed self.

I would communicate to love herself first. Then, she can extend it to others.

I would coach her towards compassionate self-care.

I would teach her to breathe . . . to meditate . . . to ground herself.

I would direct her to dream big, create her reality, and watch it manifest.

I would inform that God, Source, Spirit, Energy is her strength, sufficiency, shield, and sustainer.

I would hug her and tell her that I love her so much. She is beautiful and radiant from the inside out. I would wipe her tears and hold her. I would tell her life gets better, easier, and gentler. Hang in there. You will see. And you will be amazed at all that you endured . . . all that you overcame . . . all that you became.

And I would encourage her to keep writing. It’s her medicine. You heal Jennifer through your writing. And you heal others as well through this therapeutic process. (Stay tuned. More to come in my book, Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina.)

striking-a-poseStriking a Pose

What would you tell your younger self?

What wisdom would you impart?

If there is something in your past that has troubled you, it can be corrected in this very moment. You have the power to change. You have the power to choose.

Choose worthiness. Choose love. Choose inner peace. Choose joy. Choose you!