Dear Awakening Readers,

Now, I’m not a sports fan. But I must admit that I love when my son, Lucas, plays sports. It’s as if I come alive to a whole new world. The energy pulsates through me as I watch with eagerness, excitement, and anticipation. I cheer him on from the sidelines, and he smiles when he sees me and hears me.  Yes, I get animated and enthusiastic. He is teaching me a world that I wouldn’t enter on my own. Oh, the contrast.

I light up for touchdowns, interceptions, blocks, passes, rebound. It doesn’t matter if it’s flag football, basketball, soccer. I’m there… A 100% into the game. Lucas knows he is a team player. He’s fast and quick. Lucas is there… A 100% into the game.

I enjoy the different players. Some players are in their passion, while other players are learning a new skill. Give them time.

And I love observing the parents’ reactions. Some clap and cheer throughout the entire game while others clap and cheer on specific plays. But what I found interesting is a comment from one dad to his son. The dad yelled, “Billy, wake up. Wake up.” It continued throughout the entire game and the next game and so on.

Wake up is such a profound comment, not necessarily one that I would yell at a game. But it got me to thinking. Isn’t that the answer for everyone? Just wake up.

Wake up to your truth.

Wake up to your stuffed feelings.

Wake up to your inner critic.

Wake up to your creative genius.

Wake up to your dream.

Wake up to your reactions.

Wake up to your connection.

Wake up to your intuition.

Wake up to your inner peace.

Wake up to your confidence.

Wake up to your gifts.

Wake up to your passion.

Wake up to your patterns.

Wake up to your wisdom.

Wake up!

Isn’t the solution to most problems involves waking up?

Waking up from the blocks, illusions, and distractions from being in the present moment and enjoying the present moment.

Waking up from the fears of unworthiness, unlovable, not enough to worthiness, love and more than enough.

Waking up from hiding and playing small to being seen and heard on a grand scale.

Every fear is a form of resistance.

Every fear is a belief of limitation.

Every fear is a block to love.

And if love is what you came here to learn, then waking up to it is part of the journey.

Thankfully waking up!