Dear Visualizing Readers,

How often do you visualize on your journey? Remember it is not a destination. It’s a journey that you are on. It’s your amazing adventure.

I use visualization as a tool. It’s part of the creation process. I visualize with emotion and feeling. Remember, what you think actually manifests. So pay attention to what you are thinking. Once you recognize that you create problems, you can also create solutions. And this where it gets fun.

I have four different categories: clarity of mind, energized body, life-giving environment, and fulfilled relationships. It’s the bull’s eye in mastery. Clarity of mind consists of beliefs, conditioning, thoughts, emotions, fears. Are they serving me by offering me clarity of mind or are they robbing me by causing confusion in my mind? Energized body involves what food goes in mouth, enjoyable exercise, vitamins, self-care, meditation. Am I treating by body as a sacred temple or desecrating my temple? Life-giving environment indicates my surroundings, career, and finances. Am I moving towards joy and fulfillment or do I feel like a rat on the wheel just doing more? Fulfilled relationships reveal am I hanging around amazingly conscious, super heart-centered, and wonderful energy people? And if I’m not, then why?

Now, I get specific under each category. I lists what I desire with intention and feeling; why I desire it; and I charge it with emotion. It’s like creating your own mind movie. And I send it out in the universe. The universe already knows what you want. And you want the path of least resistance.

When the experiences comes and it will, you have already had the experience. You played the scenario over and now you drew it in. So, it doesn’t surprise you. It will amaze you because you realize how much of a powerful co-creator that you are. It builds faith. And you dream and visualize some more.

Here is an example. I visualized my family going on a mission’s trip. I wanted my sons to appreciate things. Instead, my son Gabriel signed up on a mission’s trip to Mexico by himself. He served willingly. He came back and shared, “Mom, they are poor but so happy. I want to go back.” Don’t get stuck on the how. Just know that you are able. And watch how the universe delights you.

Steve Bow once said, “God’s gift to us is more talent and ability than we’ll ever hope to use in our lifetime. Our gift to God is to develop as much of that talent and ability as we can in this lifetime.”

May you develop your talent, your abilities, your creativity, your gifts with intention, feeling, and visualization.