Dear Kind Readers,

I found an index card from my son, Lucas. He wrote, “I can be a blessing to my family by being kind.”

Now, we all selecting a word for the year. We didn’t set a New Year’s resolution. We set an intention with the energy of the word.

I selected, “Alignment.

Pierre strategically picked, “Abundance.”

Gabriel chose, “Attitude.”

Lucas concluded, “Kindness.”

2015 has been a pivotal year because each of us is embodying this word. I am aligned with my God given talents, power, resources, identity and stability. Pierre is walking out the energy of Abundance as he went into life coaching. Gabriel is aware of his attitude and now believes in the law of attraction. And well, Lucas has been an amazing gift in our life, always smiling, happy, and kind.

Yes, he has his moments. We all do. But I am in awe of him… in awe of his sweetness, observations, common sense, illumination, and kindness.

He is a blessing to our family by being kind.

Lucas and Gabriel

Eight years ago, I received the phone call. We adopted him, but Lucas really came for us. A bright star. He is more than my son. Lucas is my teacher, my healer gifting me with so much love as I awaken… as I align with God, Energy, Spirit, Source, the great Divine.

One day, Lucas shared, “I don’t want to go to church anymore. I learn so much more from you mom.” And I actually understood. I didn’t judge but allowed him to express.

Another day, I provided, “See you are teaching me.” He stopped and questioned, “But aren’t you supposed to be the teaching me?” I added, “I am, but you are also teaching me.” Lucas is teaching me kindness, a gentle way of life… of being.

I understand his sensitivities, his pure heart, his curiosity, his joy. He reminds me to stay grounded in this physical world. There is a spiritual bond as we take each other by the hand and walk in grace. As I got his back, he has my back.

Lucas’s vibration is Kindness.

What is your word of the year?

What is your vibration emitting?

Is your vibration kind?

Are you kind?

What energy are you sending and what energy are you receiving?

Are you aligned with Spirit, Energy, God, and Source?

These are snippets of my life, of my family’s life. What are the snippets from your life? We may be in July, but you can still embody a word this year. What will choose? Once you get an image, it flows to you in every way. Watch and see. Watch it manifest. And share what you have become.

Kindly and Aligned,