Dear Unplugged Readers,

When was the last times you unplugged from the rat race of life? When was the last time you slowed the busyness of life to seek a greater wisdom?

Pew Research conducted a survey. Of the Facebook users, 70% use it daily, while 45% use it several times daily. Twitter users averaged 49% daily, while Instagram users averaged 36% daily. And don’t forget Pinterest posts. Their users averaged 17% daily. Finally, LinkedIn users averaged 13% daily.

Now, there is nothing wrong with social media. It’s a tool. You have to know how to use it and when to use it. Or it becomes a distraction.

Over the summer, I took a break from social media. I love to inspire. I know the value of connecting and building a platform. But I wanted to slow down. I wanted to enjoy summer with my boys.

And that pattern continued with my phone use as well. On average, a person checks his or her phone 46 times a day. Geez Louise!!! That many? What if I didn’t check my phone for the next email, text, phone call, social media notification and the list goes on? Will I miss anything?

At first, I unraveled and discombobulated because I was losing my connection with technology and the outside world. But I was gaining my connection with my inner world and beyond. I decided to connect with Source, God, the universe, Creator 46 times a day. See that connection never fails. It’s intimate. It’s eternal. It speaks and whispers. Illusions unraveled. Fears shouted. And a calm stillness invaded.

I spent time with my sons and ushered in breakthroughs in our relationship. My fourteen-year-old hugged me more, laughed more, spoke more and shared more. His personality blossomed. My nine-year-old enjoyed the wonder of the outdoors, neighbors, and sports. I entered his grand world. My husband worked hard, flying here, flying there. I appreciated his efforts.

I connected with my parents over the summer and welcomed their ease in life.

Friends visited us over the summer. My friend shared, “I’m glad that you came with us to Universal Studio because last time, you stayed back.”

I understand the power of unplugging. I understand the power of connecting.

See I gained clarity . . . a greater awareness. If I would have been on social media or checking my phone 46 times a day, I may have missed that connection.

Why do we do the things we do?

Are we seeking validation? Or are we gaining a greater clarity of who we really are?

Clarity gained!