Dear Beautiful Readers,

Right before I went to bed, the word doubt crept in my mind. I penned my insights. Then, I got in bed. Well, sleep was not on the agenda because more insights came. I turned my night light on and wrote some more. I turned my night light off. But quickly, I turned it back on.

Here comes doubt…


Doubt breeds division.

Doubt creeps in discrepancies.

Doubt creates double-mindedness.

Doubt reinforces duality.

Doubt lives in despair.

Doubt kills dreams.

Doubt distances relationships.

Doubt deadens the soul.

Doubt feeds the darkness.

Doubt stirs up distortions.

Doubt continues with depression.

Doubt dances in darkness.

Doubt repeats disturbances.

Doubt deflates your spirit.

Doubt devalues your worth.

Doubt desensitizes your humanness.

Doubt destroys empowerment.

Doubt instills disappointment.

Doubt loves dissatisfaction.

Doubt divorces your true nature.

Doubt disguises as truth.

Doubt deactivates your compassion.

Doubt destroys your inner peace.

How many of us are carrying bags of doubt? In our relationships, finances, body, abilities, life’s purpose? No, it’s not just bags; it’s a dump truck of doubt. Maybe we are aware of it. Otherwise, doubt plays in our subconscious mind. So we fall into these doubtful patterns. And they wreak nothing but havoc in our lives. The evidence of doubt is look at what you created.

There is hope. On one spectrum is doubt. On the other spectrum is faith, trust, and inspiration. You move towards those with discipline, intention, and focus.

Don’t withhold your true nature. Don’t settle for less than. You are made to shine; be authentic; and live your truth.

Doubt causes suppression. Period!

Moves towards clarity and watch your life unfold magically. Let go of that dump truck of doubt. You have new friends in your life. And they are called faith, trust and inspiration.

Now I know why I couldn’t go to sleep until this was written down. Thanks for clarity!!!

Undoing doubt,