Dear Devoted and Surrendered Readers,

What comes to your mind when you think of sacrifice? Sacrifice is explained as “the thing so surrendered or devoted; the surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.”

SO we sacrifice daily or SO we think…

We sacrifice our bodies by having kids.

We sacrifice by putting our child in a certain school or being in a certain district.

We sacrifice by helping a friend after surgery.

We sacrifice by tending to an ailing parent.

We sacrifice our good mood by staying up late through the night to get more stuff done.

We sacrifice by not getting our workout in because we volunteered as a parent chaperone at school.

We sacrifice our health by grabbing the processed, sugar-laden food.

We sacrifice getting up early by having that extra cocktail.

We sacrifice that new TV or new stereo or new dress in lieu of the stack of bills.

We sacrifice our personal time by emptying the dishwasher or doing another batch of clothes or walking the dog.

We sacrifice our dreams.

We sacrifice our passions.

We sacrifice our authenticity.

We sacrifice our values.

We sacrifice our happiness.

We sacrifice.

And we wear sacrifice as a badge of honor.

But what if there is no such thing as sacrifice. What if it was a belief taught to us, handed down to us, and now followed by us. All an illusion.

Every “sacrifice” was an awakening… an awareness… an enlightenment.
There was no sacrifice. They were all experiences to awaken you to memories of…

Inner Peace.

Where do you think you sacrifice?

Do you believe in sacrifice?

Has sacrificing served you or robbed you of joy?

May you recognize the patterns. Some may stand out more than others. But we all have the sacrificial moments where we beat ourselves up. And really we do it because we want to be somewhere else or we want to do something else or we want to have something else.

Do yourself a wonderful favor. Scratch sacrifice from your belief system. Embrace a healing belief system. Recognize we only have present moments.

I just awoke to my patterns of sacrifice. And all that crappy belief system did is rob me of experiencing joy!

Surrender and be devoted to YOU!

Remember, your spiritual DNA is perfect. There is nothing to fix. There is nothing to sacrifice. May you awaken to all your resources… all your power… all your courage… all your magnificence.