Dear Moving Readers,

How many times have you moved?

We moved thirteen times in five weeks after Hurricane Katrina. Thankfully, there was a generous opportunity of three free apartments for a year in southern California. We settled there, but we wondered… “Should we stay or should we go?” We decided to move back to Louisiana. The U-Haul arrived. We packed it and drove.

And I wept for three days! Pierre told the boys “mom will be alright.” A glass of wine didn’t solve it. A piece of chocolate cake didn’t solve it. I wept across the entire drive. Here we go again.


My dad and little sister dropped me off at college. It was in a different state. I never visited the college. I just got dropped off. They fixed the dorm room, and they left. Here we go again.


We arrived in Mandeville, Louisiana. Pierre pulled up at apartments I’ve never seen. I brought the kids to school which I never visited. Pierre visited the apartments and school beforehand. Here we go again.

Don’t I have a voice?

Don’t I have a say?

Once again, I was silenced, quenched. Don’t feel. Just do. Jennifer, you are a great performer. Aren’t you?

I’ve been married to Pierre for twenty years now.

And I spoke up. I wanted to move back to California. I wanted to build roots there. I wanted to raise my boys there. I led with my heart and my intuition.

I am sick of moving, doing, performing.

We moved thirteen times in five weeks after Hurricane Katrina.

I spoke up. I moved back to California with my boys and dog. Pierre commuted. During that time, we gained clarity. We got healthier. We changed our mindsets.

My twenty year anniversary was Wednesday. And the U-Haul truck pulled up again. We unloaded it. Here we go again.

And I breathed… I finally breathed. Jennifer, you are creating this. Aren’t you? Here I finally go… Hallelujah! 

No longer moving but finally steady.

Here I Go,

Photo Credit: Scott Ash