Dear Transforming Readers,

Ready to shift?

My husband attended a Tony Robbins conference last month in Florida. He came home and shared his discoveries. But one really stuck out. Tony shared that there is a Beverly Hill plastic surgeon that takes one million dollars for his services. He makes people more beautiful with only a two-millimeter change.

And it got me to thinking. How close are we to our goals, our happiness our purpose, but we need to make a two-millimeter shift?

Most people give up on their goals and not from trying… but from frustration, overwhelment, disappointment, fear and not seeing the manifestation of their dream. What if it is staring you right in the face?

You just need to see it from a different perspective. That is how simple it is.

It can be as simple as…

Hiring someone with an expertise.

Charging more for your services.

Getting clearer on your vision.

Making that call that you have been avoiding.

Stop complaining and start appreciating.

Forgiving yourself and your partner.

Letting go of that bitterness that crept in your heart.

Emphasizing your child’s strength, instead of weaknesses.

Being more mindful.

Trust more; doubt less.

Submitting your work to another publisher or agent, even after several rejections.

Quieting your inner critic.

Decluttering your office and closet.

Clearing out stagnant energy and allowing creative energy.

Setting your alarm clock a half hour earlier.

Spending more time in meditation.

Trusting your intuition.

Not taking no for an answer.

Attending a conference out of town.

Meeting new people.

Believing in yourself.

Hitting the canvas with your new paintbrushes.

Setting achievable goals with a timeline.

Becoming more discipline.

Signing up for public speaking and letting go of that fear.

Collaborating with another.

Setting stronger boundaries.

Opening the new cookbook.

Putting on the running shoes.

Asking for help.

Trading services.

Even trading homes.

Enrolling in that workshop.

Trying something new.

Getting out your comfort zone.

Walking over fire (That will be me in March when I attend the Tony Robbins conference.)

Remember your life is a journey, not a destination. Don’t allow your dream or goal to become an efforting journey. Instead make it an effortless and joyful journey. Sometimes you just need to sit back and breathe. It’s all okay. Then, open your eyes with a two-millimeter shift. It may be as simple as walking in nature and getting some extra vitamin D. But it’s so worth it because those two-millimeter shifts will open you… and you will realize that you are on the bull’s eye.