Dear Trusting Readers,

Do you trust yourself? Do you know to head straight, veer right, or turn left? Or do you get overwhelmed with decisions? Do you excessively listen to the advice of others?

Trust. Isn’t that what life is all about? 

You have to follow your heart and trust your intuition – a place of knowingness and beingness.

Let’s talk about how I played the trust game while writing my book, Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina.

I knew that I wanted my book released the month of August 2015. It was the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. A publishing company kept saying it could be done. Yet, when I signed the contract, they said it won’t be ready for August 2015. Well, I could feel the stress in my body. The migraine came on. And I felt the pressure. I got triggered. I knew in my heart what to do. Get out of the contract.

Gabriel came home from school and he commented, “You had a rough day.” I said, “Let me check in with your guidance system.” I played the scenario out. Gabriel listened attentively. Then he shared, “Mom, whoever you work with, I just want them to be kind to you.” Hmm… The Vibration of Kindness. Gabriel got me. He understood. And of course, I already knew. But Gabriel didn’t say, “Get out the contract or this or that.” He sat with it. He felt me. And he offered kindness. Gabriel allowed me to trust myself during this process.

I wanted music in my book. It was crucial. I am extremely visual and it needed to be done with the element of music. I trusted myself and got the music licenses for the book.

I haven’t seen a book with screenplays scenes in the beginning of each section. I trusted myself and included them.

I asked myself if I should include certain parts of me or hold me. And I received the answer once again. No holding back. Go for it!

I included Life Scripts as a tool for readers to go on their own self-discovery journey. I trusted myself again. I trusted my heart, my intuition, my voice, my authentic self.

Where do you need to trust yourself?

Where do you need to practice trust?

How can you discipline yourself to trust yourself? Look for evidence of your decisions. Remember, you are not making mistakes. You are growing and there are opportunities all around us to grow.

Trusting myself,