Dear Bountiful Readers,

I enjoyed a lovely dinner with my manager, Alexia Melocchi and her mother, Alexandra Yacovlef, partners at Little Studio Films. A new friend, Miriam Bertke, joined us for a delightful evening. We enjoyed a theater performance called The Trip to Bountiful written by Horton Foote. The lovely cast included the charismatic Cicely Tyson, the stunning spitfire Vanessa Williams, and the dashing Blair Underwood.

Bountiful dealt with honoring our past, connecting with our family, community, and home legacy. It is returning home again… sometimes in our physical location. Sometimes in our memories. Those places that live in your heart and carry you.

Returning home. Does it bring you to a place of eagerness or a place of distraught? Can we return to places within us? Really can we connect?

We are immensely bountiful with so many resources and gifts. They are the people that teach us, encourages us, love us. They are the strangers who smile at us on the street. The neighbor who picks up your child from school when you are in a jam. They are the ones who see your potential when you don’t. They are the ones that make you meals when your son comes home from surgery. They are the people that as time goes by… you meet again it’s as if no time was loss. They are the ones who challenge you. They are the ones that forgive. They are you, forgiving yourself.

Places. I’ve experienced so much. Dinners in Tuscany. Cruising with my grandmother. Seeing the Eiffel Tower. Experiencing the Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum. Driving through Switzerland. Surgeries in Chicago. Musicals in New York. So many places that have touched me. One of my favorite places was a trip to Hawaii with my family. We kayaked and canoed as we breathed in the fresh air. Enjoyed the splendor of a waterfall. Saw the delight in my boys’ faces as they accomplished and conquered the pure joy of the moment.

I’ve lived in Louisiana, Alabama, and California. Delighting that they are different, yet unique.

I’ve enjoyed my mom’s cooking. The smell of pralines as I came home from school. The family trips to Florida. Summers swimming at Fountainebleau. The streets of Henry Clay Avenue and Magazine. The shrimp po’boys at Norby’s.

Time is fleeting. Yet awe-inspiring.

I am bountiful with divine given resources within me… knowing that he is my source, strength, sufficiency, supplier, sustainer, and shield.

Home is where the heart is. Our awareness is in our emotional state. When we can observe those thoughts and feelings with a clarity that only comes with experiencing life fully. The ups and downs. The uncertainties. The risks. Emotional exposure.

Have you honored your past? Have you returned home? Returned to a place of love? I’m on that journey. And I can honestly say… It’s worth it!