Dear Caring Readers,

Do you know your triggers? The things that get you upset. Certain events, people, or circumstances initiate a reaction. I did an exercise and listed my triggers.

My List Included:

~ Being Taken Advantage of. Used… Triggers the emotion/ feeling of shattered, crushed, and withdrawn.
~ Lied to… Triggers the emotion/ feeling of withdrawn, hesitant, and put down.
~ Silenced. Not Listened To. Ignored. Repeating Myself… Triggers the emotion/ feeling of aggravation, demoralized, and withdrawn.
~ Superficial People and Negative People… Triggers the emotion/ feeling of annoyance.
~ Negative Labels… Triggers the emotion/ feeling of worthless, shame, and humiliation.
~ Abuse to Kids… Triggers the emotion/ feeling of irate.
~ Putting Women Down… Triggers the emotion/ feeling of inflamed and offended.

And from this exercise, I learned…

I CARE about being respected and valued as a person and as a woman. RESPECT. VALUE.
I CARE about being heard and listened to. MY VOICE.
I CARE about someone’s worth. WORTHINESS.
I CARE about certain issues. CHILDREN. WOMEN. PEOPLE.

And I care when others appreciate those qualities. And if they don’t care, so be it. It’s a matter of their heart. I’m just getting my heart in sync with me.

What ruffles your feathers? We all have them. The best thing is to identify your triggers. Become acquainted with yourself. Prepare and recognize when it happens. So, you don’t fall prey. You can respond and not react… by engaging in a new awareness that will set you free. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs. You care. What do you care about?

Knowing and Caring,