Dear Treasure Lovers,

At the age of 15, I penned in my journal… “What is the meaning of life?” Since then, I’ve been on a quest. Searching and seeking for answers. And I discovered to love unconditionally and receive love unconditionally. The world is safe. It’s loving, and I’m loved.

My journey of trials and triumphs have led me to wonderful discoveries. Many times, I wished that someone would just give me that golden nugget. But truly, it’s much more breathtaking and life-giving when you go through the process and discover it yourself.

You want to dig in the treasure box like a child. Then, the revealed path comes to you – that’s the biggest treasure!

I’ve learned so much. And I’m still learning on this healing and clarifying path.

Here’s what I got so far… Ready to dig in the treasure box?


~ Question your beliefs.
~ Enjoy the beauty of nature.
~ Let go of past, people, and patterns.
~ Perspective. Perspective. Perspective.
~ Heal old wounds. Love from wholeness.
~ Be open and flexible to ALL possibilities. May welcome an unexpected opportunity.
~ There is no lack, only abundance.
~ Be transparent and authentic.
~ Have compassion for yourself.
~ Live in the present moment.
~ Awaken. Awareness. Alignment.
~ Serve with a generous and willing heart.
~ The power of oneness.
~ Nothing to fear.
~ Follow your heart.
~ Choose joy.
~ Trust your instincts.
~ Breathe.
~ Speak the language of the universe: Frequency, Energy, and Vibration.
~ Contentment attracts more contentment.
~ Stop judging.
~ Go after your dreams.
~ Dance and sing.
~ Attitude is everything.
~ Meditation opens the door to meaning, beauty, and discovery.
~ Take inspired action, not any action.
~ Many approaches, journeys, and roads but only one destination.
~ Return to home. Return to love.
~ Timeless. Limitless. Boundless.
~ Surround yourself around encouraging people.
~ Open your heart to receiving.
~ Offer yourself forgiveness and extend it to others.
~ Love unconditionally. Share it. Extend it. Give it. Create it.
~ Understand the gentle difference between guilt and compassion.
~ Have gratitude for all the moments, lessons, challenges, victories, and experiences.
~ Bust open the door of exploration, discovery, and growth.
~ God is Source. God is Energy. God is Being. God is Knowing. God is Love.
~ Patience. Welcome the rhythm, seasons, and cycles of life.
~ My inner peace cannot be shaken.
~ You create your reality.

What have you learned? What are you learning? What is the purpose of life? Dig in the treasure box to discover the greatest treasure. May your path light up with brilliance and sparkles.