Dear Relational Readers,

How is your relationship with yourself?

Do you love yourself?

Do you speak kindly to yourself?

Are you compassionate?

Do you practice imperative self-care?

How about honoring yourself?

How about loving yourself?

How about respecting yourself?

Emotional abuse is subtle. Most people aren’t even aware of it. We are so use to operating under the weight of toxic relationships that we think that this is the norm to be treated this way. Sometimes we haven’t been assertive enough to set boundaries for ourselves. Sometimes we haven’t done the best thing and let the person go. We can release that person from our life so they energetically don’t occupy our sacred space.

Toxic relationships occur when others verbally, emotionally, mentally, psychically, energetically abuse you… and of course physically. The person attacks you, curses you out, judges you, and tells you what to do… all in the name of Love. You see the distortions and the illusions. Love is pure. There are no games and fantasies. It’s an energy that radiates from the Divine effortlessly. The ego or personality of others is where the distortions and illusions begin and where they end.

Some toxic tactics includes lies, excessive compliments with an ulterior motive, making promises that they can’t don’t keep, putting you down and then being kind to you – that yo-yo approach, dis-empowering you by causing doubt and confusion, telling you that they love you under a dependency instead of a inter-dependency, asking you do to do things for them so you feel “needed,” disregarding your feelings, your voice, your opinions.

A toxic person is negative. Their energy is draining. They are not for you. But their ways are extremely manipulative and deceptive. Toxic people feed off of vulnerable and sensitive people. Guard your heart. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Trust your intuition and know when to walk away. You are gloriously worthy of all the good in the world.

Remember… “You’ve always had the power.” ~ Glenda from the Wizard of Oz

Your strength is your power!