Dear Football Lovers and Non-Football Lovers,

Are you ready to make a touchdown? And I’m not just talking about on the field. I’m talking about off the field and in life!

Lucas is on a flag football team. Sports is definitely his passion. And to watch this little boy run with enthusiasm, make interceptions, and generate touchdowns is truly fascinating to watch from the sidelines. Other parents and grandparents commented about his athletic abilities. He is agile, incorporates fancy foot work, a great team player, and cheers his team. As I watch Lucas in his glory and passion, his light shines brightly for all to witness. On the last game, he scored three touchdowns! Wow!

Now, it was time to carry the touchdown analogy off the field.

I mentioned, “Lucas, you are a great team player and you just made three touchdowns. Now, the same theme carries into the Gremillion family. We are a team.” He curiously searched, “But we don’t make touchdowns in our family.” I assured, “Yes, we do.” Here is how:

“When you put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket, TOUCHDOWN!
When you walk the dog, TOUCHDOWN!
When you brush your teeth, TOUCHDOWN!
When you set the table, TOUCHDOWN!
When you turn the TV off, TOUCHDOWN!
When you just caught my 5 gallon glass jar of alkaline water from spilling in the car, TOUCHDOWN!

He listened attentively. Lucas knew I was making an excellent point.

See it is not about making the touchdown for all to see. It is making the touchdown when no one is looking. It’s your integrity, your character, your discipline that speaks volumes.

We are all part of a team and have a role to play. The more you cooperate, not blindly, but cooperatively, then the better, smoother, and easier things go for you.

How do you do on the field?
How do you do off the field when no one is looking?
Do you make the touchdowns? In your integrity? In your character? In your discipline?
Are you making touchdowns in your relationships, in your finances, in your career, in your parenting, in your sex life?
Do you cooperate or struggle in life?
Does life go smoothing for you or is it filled with angst and drama?
Are you a team player?

May you enjoy your life filled with enthusiasm, agility, interceptions, cheers, fancy footwork, and of course the TOUCHDOWNS!

Making Touchdowns,