Dear Spiritual Readers,

Do you think of yourself as spiritual? I do.

Have you ever been told that you are too spiritual and to tone your spiritual side down? I have.

But that statement never resonated with my essence. Body, mind and spirit make a whole person. If you cut off pieces of yourself, you separate. And separation builds anxiety, worry, depression, fear, guilt, shame.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

First comes our spirituality. It’s our anchor of truth, love, peace, joy, oneness, and acceptance. Second comes our human experience, our unique adventure and journey where we get to embody and practice our spirituality.

The more I got in touch with my spiritual side, the more I got in touch with my emotional side. And the more I paid attention to my feelings, the more I could self-regulate, use them as a guiding system, and the more I experienced balance.

The more I got in touch with my spiritual side, the more I got to explore my mind and what was lurking in my subconscious, what needed to change, what I needed to let go of.  And the more I experienced the wide spaces and gaps of quiet as I reduced the chatter of the mind.

In school, we are taught to pay attention to our rational mind, but we have neglected the beauty of our intuitive mind where all the synchroncities take place.

You can be bold in truth.

You can be unwavering in strength.

You can be opening in love.

You can have a fire in knowingness.

You can be ever expanding in consciousness.

And it is okay.

Can you be too spiritual? I don’t believe so. But you must find the balance. The spirit loves to explore, learn, and grow. The soul loves to play, have fun, and connect with others. It’s the balance of isolating and connecting, the balance of learning and getting outside for a walk, the balance of going to the library and dancing with friends.

Embrace your spiritual side. It’s the gateway into so many other dimensions of your life. Find spiritual practices that make you feel good, whether it be meditation, prayer, mindfulness, acts of gratitude. Find your heart and soul and may all the pieces be integrated.

This is your life. And your spirituality is beautiful!