Dear Medicated/ Non-Medicated Readers,

You are welcome here with all your brilliance and beauty.

Some people medicate and others do not medicate. It’s a personal choice. There are no judgments here.

But some people have a stigma around medicine. They internalize: “It’s bad. “I’m a bad person.”  “What would others think about me?” “I’m unworthy.” “No one understands.” “I feel guilt and shame.” Every one of those statements are due to past conditioning  and self-limiting beliefs that perpetuate a cycle of pain, suffering, and shame.

Medicine has a place. It has a season. But it’s a personal choice, not up to committee.

In 2011, I finally saw a therapist for all my “Life Storms.” It was time to go inward and face the demons, the shadows, the wounds, the fears. The therapist was shocked that I made it this far without therapy or medicine. He added, “You are one strong and amazing woman.” But it was my pattern to push through the pain. Pray through the pain. Trust the uncertainty. Reach higher with faith. He suggested medicine, and my reaction was no way. All those stigmatizing thoughts came to the forefront. He suggested that I have PSTD. What? I had to google it.

I decided to get out my way. I took an antidepressant, anti-anxiety and a stimulant for about a year. I waited for something miraculous to happen… for my pain, suffering, PSTD to go away. And I waited… but nothing happened. So I stopped the medication.

At that time, I was spiritually awakening and expanding my consciousness. I realized that I had to rewrite my “Life Scripts” with clarity, healing, peace, love, and alignment. I delved into my subconscious mind. I recognized my patterns. I silenced my ego and inner critic. I watched for negativity, drama and toxic relationships, not to absorb these energies.

See it was a journey of loving myself… I’m not broken and there is nothing to fix. I remembered who I was and who I was not. I fought for my truth, unique expression, authentic power. Once I changed my thoughts, things around me changed. My eyes, ears, heart and mind opened to deeper truths, understanding, and compassion.

This is my journey. I’m not advocating medicine or not. It’s a choice. And some people need medicine, like a diabetic needs insulin.

These are characteristics I embodied to experience wholeness from the illusions of separation.

May you embrace your wonderful path. May you love your glorious path.

You are unique. You are whole. You are authentic.  Don’t ever forget it?

All love,