Dear Glorious Readers,

Have you enjoyed the pleasures of food, friends, and family over the holidays?

Lucas said, “We go from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas. What’s next?”

Children enjoy the variety of activities. Parents enjoy the splendor of the season as we remember many of own childhood traditions. We implement some of them but try many new ones too.

The children may not admit it, but they get overwhelmed with the activities as parents do. But it’s our job to say yes or no, stay centered, and recognize what is important during the holidays.

What Is Important?

Peace. Love. Joy. Connection. Togetherness. Understanding. Compassion. Forgiveness.

It’s the intrinsic factors that are priceless. They are the experiences that make your heart sing. They are the treasures in your heart that money cannot buy.

We are all looking for experiences. We go from experience to experience. We go from feeling to feeling.

Can we stay in that space… the space of creation?

Lets talk about what my boys experienced and what they did receive over the holidays.

What Did They Receive?

They received their dad being here for Christmas. LOVE & PRESENCE.
They received a calmer mom. PEACE & LOVE.
They received a visit to grandma and grandpa’s house in Monterey. CONNECTION.
They received hot chocolate with marshmallows. YUMMINESS.
They received staying up late. UNDERSTANDING.
They received watching Christmas movies. MEMORIES.
They received sledding at the Quail Botanical Gardens. JOY.
They received enjoying Christmas music at the Mormon Temple. FRIENDSHIP & TOGETHERNESS.
They received Christmas cards. SMILES.
They received brotherly make-ups. FORGIVENESS.
They received shopping for others who don’t have the means. COMPASSION.
They received the delight of Christmas lights. JOY.
They received decorating the Christmas tree. CONNECTION & JOY.
They enjoyed the cooks in the kitchen whipping up an amazing meal. CONNECTION.
They received a twinkle in their eyes as they unwrapped Christmas gifts. LOVE. JOY. PEACE.

Each year, my boys receive three gifts each. The wise men brought three gifts to a king. A great example was set! But it wasn’t the three gifts. It was the experience… from experience… feeling… receiving.

What was important to you this holiday season?
What did you experience?
What did you receive?

May you rest in the simple treasures… the simple truths… the simple beauty. Peace. Love. Joy. Connection. Togetherness. Understanding. Compassion. Forgiveness.

‘Tis the Season. A glorious one indeed!

Experiencing & Receiving,