Dear Loving & Heartfelt Readers,

How do you express your love?

Do you express it based on someone’s behavior? A little more, a little less. It depends.

Lucas, my youngest son (8), was in a bad mood. He didn’t want to go to bed. He wanted to stay up longer. But, it’s a school night and I try to keep the kiddos on track; if not they suffer in the morning and repeat the same cycle.

I handed Lucas his bowl of ice-cream. He sat at the table and his nonverbal communication spoke volumes. The shifty eyes. The gazing downward. The slumped posture. And the verbal communication filled with grunts.

It’s my job not to react to his behavior…  not because I have to but because I want to!

I want to stay in alignment.

I want to stay connected to Source, God, Spirit.

I want to extend kindness and compassion.

I knelt next to his chair. I added, “Lucas look up.” I wanted his full attention. This was too important for him, and it was important to me.

I shared my love. I shared my heart.

“Lucas, I love you when you are mad. I love you when you are angry. I love you when you are frustrated. I love you when you are overwhelmed. I love you when you are stressed. My love doesn’t change on anything you do or say. It is here to stay.”

Lucas observed me. I questioned, “Do you understand?” He grudgingly responded, “Yes.” And then I kissed him.

Love is not something you conjure up. You don’t withhold it here and now. It’s not based on behavior. And you can’t manipulate love.

In that poignant moment, love flowed out of me.

I just asked for Lucas’s attention and to look at me. I wanted him to capture this moment. I wanted him to receive all that love that is in me, all the love that is his.

Some people are easier to love than others. Some people are challenging to love than others.

This is my love. This is my heart.

Loving heart,