Dear Diving Readers,

Let’s dive in.

I walked my dog the other night. It was a quiet, lovely evening. The dark night flickered with a starry sky. The wind rushed against my face. I heard the crushing waves. Then something caught my eye in the distance. It was a white light coming from the ocean. It was a magical dance of white sparkling light. And I wondered, what could that be? Then, I saw a diver come up. He made contact with another diver. They would both disappear in the ocean. One would drift further from the other. But the white light always drew them back. Hmm, how interesting?

Now, I couldn’t visually make out the waves. I only attuned to their sounds. And I attuned my senses to the white light. It was the light that caught my eye. It was the light that drew me. It was the light that connected the scuba divers.

As I observed their exchange, I pondered.

What faith they have going into a dark ocean at ten o’clock at night.

What trust they have in the ocean.

What trust they have in each other.

What trust they have in their equipment.

What trust they have in their abilities.

What trust they have in the universe.

I stood in awe. And I wondered…

Do we have faith going into the darkness?

Do we trust the rhythm of life, no different than rhythm of the waves in the ocean?

Do we trust others or have we been too wounded to allow another in?

Do we trust our equipment… our breath and connection to God?

Do we trust our gifts and abilities?

Do we trust the universe to meet our every need?

There will be times that we need to take a leap of faith and dive into the ocean.

It involves a willingness, an openness, and yes, some uncertainty. But you won’t drift for too long. There is a life jacket. It’s the white light. The white light is your safety net… your lighthouse that will draw things out of you for your heart’s expansion and your soul’s evolution. And all that is left is a pure heart, an awakened soul, a bright light.

Will you take the leap of faith and dive into the ocean with me?