Dear Beautiful Readers,

Do you see your beauty? When you look in the mirror, can you embrace all of you?

Or are you critical of yourself? Do you listen to that inner dialogue? Are you aware of that incessant chatter?

A lady was waiting for the elevator. I joined her. She commented, “I love your dress.” I said, “Thank you.” It was a blue sundress that I got at Nordstrom Rack. We got on the elevator together. She added, “I would never look good in that dress. My butt is too big” And I jumped in as Jennifer does. I sincerely shared, “You are beautiful and you would look wonderful in it. We women do that too ourselves. We criticize ourselves all day long… comparing ourselves based on another woman’s appearance, culture, conditioning. But we don’t need to keep doing it. We can lift each other up instead.” She nodded her head in agreement. I know I went a little deep, and she probably wasn’t ready to receive it all. But I spoke the truth in love. She changed the subject to the salon hours, and we exited the elevator in peace.

Can we lift each other up?

Can we inspire one another?

Can we encourage one another?

Can we see the beauty in another when the don’t see their own beauty?

Can we dispel the darkness so someone can see their marvelous light?

I know that lady. I am that lady. Patterns of self-hate. Patterns of abandonment. Patterns of rejection. Hating myself. Abandoning deep truths. Rejecting all of me – a Spirit in physical form. The critical, the complaining, the controlling voice. The egoistic mindset and perspective. I actually hated the way I look. It didn’t matter how many people told me that I was beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, stunning. I was listening to the voice of ego, nitpicking things about my face, my body. No one knew that I had this pattern. I was silent but the voice was screaming and yelling and attacking me.

My husband shared, “You are growing into such a beautiful, powerful woman. You hated how you looked for so long. And now you have finally accepted yourself. You like yourself now. It’s beautiful to see.” I teared up. Pierre knew my pattern of self-hate. I finally fell in love with Jennifer, accepting all of me beautifully flawed… perfect in my imperfection. It has taken me years to accept the voice of Spirit and let go the of torment of the ego.

I recognize the ego’s voice in the lady in the elevator. Sometimes we can’t silence it because it ‘s like a run-away train going a mile a minute. We don’t even hear the voice of Spirit whispering to us and quieting our anxious heart.

May we encourage another. May we see the beauty in ourselves. May we see the beauty in another. Finally beautiful!

Beautifully Understanding,