Dear Sunflower Lovers,

For some reason, I always gravitated towards sunflowers. Maybe it was the cheeriness and happiness that they exuberated. They always leaned into the warmth of the sun. They taught me to lean in and press on as the sun and Mother Nature invigorates me.

I also learned that sunflowers symbolize God’s love. The yellow color alone exhibits happiness and vitality.

In college, my friends planned on a wonderful birthday present for me… pitching in for a birthday tattoo. In fact, we all were going to get one. I had the image selected in my mind. A sunflower. Simple, happy, beautiful, symbolic. But at the last minute, we chickened out and there was no tattoo on my shoulder or rear end.

When I traveled to Tuscany, I enjoyed the sunflower fields. It was the end of their season. But I breathed in the wonder.

Lucas asked me, “What’s your favorite yoga pose?” And I replied, “Sunflower pose.” He never heard of it even though he does yoga twice a week at school. Basically, you stand with legs at a 45 degree angle with hands up in the air. As you bend down, you lower your arms as if you are gathering a bunch of sunflowers. You lift up to the sky and bring the sunflowers to the sky.

May 1st is Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day. People go out in their gardens and plant sunflower seeds hoping to see the delight and beauty. My husband, Pierre, was walking on Moonlight Beach on May 1st and he discovered something remarkable that day… two sunflowers washed up from the ocean on the sand and perfectly intact. He picked them up, smiled, and cried because he thought of my love for sunflowers. When he told me, I shared, “It’s Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day.” Talk about God’s love revealed to both of us in an intimate and intriguing way.

And isn’t that is what life is about… God revealing his love to us in an intimate and intriguing way… Getting our attention as we “pay attention” to the wonder, curiosity, and affectionate display… Pointing us upward towards the sun…Experiencing the light… Teaching us to lean in and press on… Reflecting joy, beauty, and lightness. And all through a simple creation… A sunflower.

Isn’t life great? Isn’t life grand? There is so much beauty, mystery, wisdom, and understanding that God teaches us as we open to His ways.

 You gravitated to it for a reason. Go discover the splendid reason with delight!

SUNflower Lover,