Dear Curious Readers,

You may be wondering why I am going here.  The more I avoid this subject, the more it appears.  Confirmation from the universe to shed light on this area.

Empaths are natural feelers.  They have a heightened sensitivity.  They take on a lot of pain and suffering by carrying energy that is usually not their own.

Narcissists are not in touch with their feelings.  They have not tapped into their sensitive side.  They project a lot of their pain and suffering onto another, usually an empath.

Now, these roles are strongly playing in collective consciousness, usually unconsciously and subconsciously.

When I talk to women empaths, many have been subjected to a narcissistic male.  They are currently or previously have been in an abusive relationship(s)– mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and yes, even physically and sexually.  Then, there are attachments of children, money, houses which makes an empath feels disempowered and stuck in this dysfunctional relationship.

Narcissists use tactics of gaslighting (a form of manipulation), belittling, criticism, dismissing, ignoring, control, passive-aggressive tendencies.  Empaths uses tactics of managing, fixing, suffering, sabotage, praying, stuffing their emotions, walking on eggshells, contracting their energy.  A narcissist hooks onto the 3rd chakra or solar plexus of an empath, diminishing their confidence, self-worth, self-esteem and confusing them with doubt.

Why is this pattern playing out in collective consciousness?

Why is a narcissist drawn to an empath?  Why is an empath drawn to a narcissist?

Many narcissists have been bullied when they were younger.  They charm an empath who is touch with their heart.  Since narcissist shut down feelings, the empath feels for them.  The problem occurs when it is extremely destructive on an empath’s mental health and his/her energy field.  When an empath awakens to the pattern, the empath is free to walk in self-love, self-worth, self-respect, self-care.

A narcissist is here to awaken the empath to spiritual gifts and deeper truths.  It’s a challenging lesson.  But nonetheless, the relationship provides rewarding gifts.  The more an empath aligns to their true nature, their essence, God, Source and this grand universe — the more they awaken to who they really are and let go of who they really are not.  The empath can step in compassion for themselves and thank the narcissist for the gift.  They can go into the narcissist’s energy and understand that the narcissist operates from an egoic mind filled with projections of insecurity and self-hate.

The end goal is not to hold onto to bitterness, unforgiveness, and resentment.

When one steps into the light of understanding, these patterns can dissolve.

When one raises their vibration, these patterns fall away.

When one takes their power back, these patterns become obsolete.

Spiritually understanding relationships,