Dear Clarity Readers,

Do you know what you believe? Why you believe it? Are your beliefs bringing you peace and clarity or guilt and shame?

I received a message the other day and thought it is time to share because it’s poignant.

I was asked, “Would you please help me? Is guilty conscience good or bad?”

And this is how I responded. “Guilt is based on a mental belief and all beliefs are opinions. So one feels guilty when they are going against their mental beliefs because they believe it’s true. When you recognize it’s an opinion, you can shift from guilt to clarity.”

They responded, “You mean it’s just an opinion?”

I replied, “Exactly. I just released all guilt and shame in my body when I woke up. It’s all awareness.”

The person added, “Oh, even I have not done any mistake. Thank you so much my dear friend for giving me clarity. Seriously very glad. I got relief.”

Exactly. Clarity. Relief.

Aren’t our beliefs supposed to build us up, encourage us, have us reach higher?

When mental beliefs are oppressive, suppressive, hurtful, how are they serving your greater good?

How are they expanding you into more love?

If they are robbing you of this present moment… If they are a thief in the night stealing your joy… If they shame you… If they guilt you… If they cause you more pain and suffering… If they cause you to lose your connection from Source Energy, God, Spirit, the Universe… then honestly, how are those beliefs serving you?

May you question your beliefs. Be bold. Be courageous. Step outside of the box. It’s okay to move towards peace, love, joy, and acceptance. It is what your soul is truly yearning for.

You are love.
You are worthy.
You are beautiful.

And one of the greatest beauties is aligning your heart and soul with the great I AM presence.

May you let go of that tight crushing grip and welcome the freedom and peace for your heart and soul.

Mental beliefs are opinions. Once you are aware, you can release and change.

I suffered with a pattern of guilt and shame from mental beliefs. I met with a coach for a few months and then stopped while I wrote my book. When I went back, he said that the guilt and shame in my body has been reduced to a third. He asked, “What did you do to release it?” I responded, “I wrote my book Life Storms: Hurricane Katrina.” And that day we released the remaining third in my body so I no longer suffer based on mental beliefs.

You have the same power! Relief is waiting for you. Move towards acceptance. You are love. You are worth it.

As my friend responded, “Thank you so much my dear friend for giving me clarity. Seriously very glad. I got relief.”

You deserve clarity. You deserve relief!

Freedom lover,