Dear Theater Lovers,

Pierre and I headed to the reopening of The Orpheum Theater.



It was the first time the doors reopened since Hurricane Katrina ten-years ago. We marveled at the amount of work that went into making it a splendid attraction again. The detail. The commitment. The patience. The love. The dedication. It was a multi-million dollar beautiful restoration spearheaded by owners Roland and Mary von Kurnatowski along with Dr. Eric George.

Allen Toussaint played that evening. The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra will grace us with their first performance on September 17.

I noticed a man at the theater. I asked Pierre, “Who is he? He looks familiar.” Pierre mentioned, “He heads a modeling agency.” Then, the memory came back.


I was twenty-years-old working at Contempo Casuals in Lakeside Mall. My friend and co-worker was a model at this agency. She brought me there and wanted me to model at the same agency. Now, I didn’t have modeling aspirations, but I went. And this gentleman said, “You arms are too fat.”




Now, I haven’t thought about his comment until I saw him. And I mentioned it to him. It was an awkward moment, not for me because I didn’t see my value, worth or beauty based on this comment. He mentioned, “That’s crazy. Your face is gorgeous and your skin in unbelievable.”

Thankfully, the comment 25-years ago didn’t hurt me. It was entertaining. But I wasn’t drawn to a modeling career. I am who I am. And guess what… I think my arms look just fine the way they are.

Loving Myself & Music,

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