Dear Readers That Wear a Mask,

Will you consider the possibility that you wear a mask? Will you consider being vulnerable and shedding that old pattern that no longer serves you?

Where I was…

The masks I wore is that of a people pleaser. Saying yes when I wanted to say no. The perfectionist at everything externally, yet crumbling internally all so often. The mask I wore is that of a dutiful wife. Yet, bored and restless. Longing for the adventure of partnership. Taking a vow of loyalty and team player. Accepted roles of society.

The masks I wore is for certain members of society – family, husband, other moms at school, church.

The masks I wore keeps me from experiencing all of life. Parts of me quenched by the silence. Longing to be understood and accepted for who I am instead of what I should be.

The masks I wore. Yes, wore!!!

Where I am…

I’m fearless, daring, courageous, confident, yet misunderstood.

Yet, when I removed the masks, I appreciated all the beauty within me. When I emptied myself and bared my soul and heart, I returned to me.

What masks do you wear?

Who are you when the masks are removed?

The better question is why do we wear them for so long?

I removed my masks for my authentic self to be revealed. Aligned with Source. Aligned with me. Now, no longer the masks I wear but thankfully the masks I wore.



Photo Credit: Laura McKellar