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Dear Hearty Readers,

A friend once shared, “You don’t go to a homeless person and ask for a meal. He doesn’t have it to give. Just like some people don’t have it to give.” And this analogy got me thinking.

So many times, we want another person to give us something that he/she doesn’t have to give. We even continue asking, only to discover this is a futile act of frustration and disappointment. However, this setback is a setup for us to be the change in the world and discover the greatest gift . . . our true nature and connection with the Divine.

If you want more love from another, give more love to yourself.

If you want more connection from another, give more connection to yourself.

If you want more fun adventures, give more fun adventures to yourself.

If you want more approval from another, give more approval to yourself.

You can’t give what you don’t have to give. And if you have it to give, then give it abundantly to yourself first and then others from a rich reservoir.

You don’t need to walk around with your head down low, feeding your soul with a “homeless meal.” You can walk with your head held high, feeding your soul with a hearty meal.

See these moments of wanting and longing are moments to go deeper within yourself and the Divine. The Divine is your strength, sufficiency, source. There are no homeless meals with the Divine. There are only Divine connections, Divine timing, Divine resources, Divine love.

Let the Divine fill your soul with inner peace, joy, satisfaction, contentment, laughter because the greatest discovery is inward. It’s where you find the true, pure, and noble treasures.

May you come home to a hearty meal. May you feel the presence of your true nature and connection with the Divine. May you feed your soul with approval, affirmations, acceptance and attention. May you say yes to life instead of waiting for someone else.

I’ve tasted of the homeless meal . . . wanting someone to give me what he/she doesn’t have to give. And it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I changed. And I showed up to the celebration of my life. I no longer waited but said yes to my true nature and connection with the Divine. And life keeps getting better.

Now I come home to a hearty meal because I am feeding my soul.

Feeling the fullness,

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