Dear Special Readers,

Are you aware of the extraordinary moments in the ordinary days? Really there are no ordinary days. They are all special when our heart is open to receive love.

I appreciate the extraordinary moments. They include that big hug from my younger son and the “I loves you” from my older son; the apology from my husband; nature speaking to me through butterflies, lizards, bees and more; soul sisters connecting and sharing; a friend calling me up and asking for prayer; encouraging my dad to be the salt and light and speak from his heart. These are all precious moments, yes even when the dog vomits on the floor again.

When we blend the so called “good/bad” (duality), we welcome a gratitude and celebration of life for all these moments. Remember this is your life. It can pass us by with non-forgiveness and fear… Or life can be rich, abundant, and loving the present moment.

Extraordinary moments astonish me with such beauty, clarity, and alignment. This is a special moment.

My aunt Kathy recently passed. She struggled with ALS for the last year and a half. And it was time for heaven to call her home.

I called my mom, and she was grieving. Family issues were coming to the surface. Her heart was racing. And we all have experienced that anxiety and worry. Most of us are living with racing thoughts, believing our thoughts, repeating patterns. And we don’t know how to stop. When we are sick of suffering, we wake up!

Everyone is searching. It may be in the external world. It may be temporary fixes. But our true longing is to experience that inner peace and inner knowing that everything is okay. We are okay. Everything is working out perfectly under Divine guidance.

I encouraged my mom to meditate. See her body was communicating with her. When her heart raced, she breathed. Her body was naturally slowing her down.

My mom agreed to meditate. I texted her later and asked how it went. She replied, “Meditation was okay. Need to practice as it was hard to empty my head.” See we are all alike, all connected. We go through the same ups and downs. Meditation is hard in the beginning like exercise is hard to do if you been a couch potato. We are training an undisciplined mind. We are quieting the ego. We are opening the portal to our soul.

And guess what?

Everything is okay.

We are okay.

Everything is working out perfectly under Divine guidance.

And I had a special moment with my mom. An extraordinary moment of sharing one of my favorite spiritual disciplines… meditation.

May you appreciate the extraordinary moments. They here and now.

Extraordinarily living,