Dear Push and Pull Readers,

We all have times that we push.

We all have times that we pull.

Push involves efforting, struggling, trying to force things to happen.s a form of resistance. It’s a form of resistance.

Pull involves releasing, being drawn, allowing the energy flow of well-being. It’s a form of allowing.

It’s a wake-up call when you realize that you are in a pattern of pushing.

Pushing by insisting on a certain way.

Pushing by being judgmental.

Pushing by being right.

Pushing by being impatient.

Pushing by ignoring the subtle signs of your body’s discomfort.

Pushing by implementing a harsh tone.

Pushing by over exercising and/or overeating.

Pushing by not enjoying the present moment.

Pushing by rushing through the kid’s homework.

Pushing by being too tired for sex.

Pushing by not answering someone’s call, text or email.

Time to hit the reset button and implement a kinder and gentler way. It’s called the art of allowing and alignment. Allowing the stream of well-being to flow in and through you by aligningd to Source, God, Holy Spirit, the Universe, Divine Intelligence. Many ways it’s packaged. But you know when you receive the gift . . . and it’s called inner peace. Now you are pulled.

Pulled in the current of well-being.

Pulled into your life’s purpose, dharma, soul’s mission.

Pulled as doors open magically.

Pulled in the direction of patience.

Pulled in the meaning and beauty of life.

Pulled into integration and wholeness.

Pulled into loving communication.

Pulled by your guidance.

Pulled by listening to that still voice.

Pulled into expansion.

Pulled towards trust and faith.

That’s when you hit the sweet spot in life. You are drawn to things effortlessly. There’s a pull as your path lights up. There’s a trust in the unfolding process. And you wait patiently because your soul is eternal . . . beyond the constraints of time and space. There’s a knowingness that you are being carried; that your life experiences are and were weaving your fate. There is nothing to fear. There is only something to remember. And it’s love as you come back to the sweet surrender of beingness. Source was pulling you back to your safety net. It was there to catch you all along. Sometimes you need to take your hands off the wheel and trust the pull.

I’m waking up to my efforts of pushing, and I’m remembering the peaceful current of a gentle pull.

Sweet surrender,