Dear Comforting Readers,

Animals have healing power. Some people resonate with animals and some do not. I think some people had past conditioning, beliefs, and traumatic experiences with animals. When that happens, you shut down a little bit. You protect yourself. But in protecting yourself, you close the entrance to your heart. It took my dog’s love for me to get over my past condition, beliefs, and traumatic experiences with dogs.

The other night, I was up with cramps. Tossing and turning… I just couldn’t get comfortable. My dog, Drew, was restless in the other room. He scratched the door and made a ruckus. Finally, my husband opened the door and Drew ran in our bedroom. Immediately, he climbed onto the bed and laid across my stomach. He wanted to bring my comfort. He came with healing energy. He laid on my stomach for an hour. I could feel his warmth. I could feel his healing energy. I welcomed it and received it. After an hour, the cramps subsided.

Dogs are intuitive. They can sense things in their environment. They can feel the energy in the house. Dogs can sense earthquakes before they happen. They have incredible hearing and can hear a storm several miles away. Dogs have incredible smell. They can smell the electric current in the air. They can sense illness, including diabetes and illness. Some dogs even lay in the bed with their sick owner. They are present when the owner passes. Dogs can sense an impending seizure 15 minutes to 12 hours before an attack. Some dogs can sense the onset of labor pains in pregnant women.

Instinctively, Drew felt my pain, felt my cramps, my restlessness, my energy. And he couldn’t sleep or get comfortable either. His natural inclination was to comfort me, to lay across my stomach and bring me relief.

Saturday was Drew’s birthday. He turned four. When my sister bought him for Lucas’s birthday, needless to say I was shocked. She insisted, “Jenny, you got a lot of love in your heart. Just love him.”

But in more ways, he has loved me. Drew has opened my heart. He has brought me comfort. And I’ve become that older lady driving around the neighborhood with the dog on her lap.

May we learn from their intuitiveness, from their energy, from their love. May we bring our comfort. May we bring our healing energy.

Oh the comfort of animals, the comfort of a dog. Happy Birthday Drew!

Dog lover,