Dear Movie Watchers,

Earlier this year, Pierre and I watched Forrest Gump with our boys. It was their first time but our second time. There was so much connection, resonance, and enthusiasm as we watched it. In fact, all three of them encouraged me to write something that powerful! And they believe I can do it!

Now, Forrest Gump is a movie that resonated with just about everyone. There was a behavior pattern in Forrest (played by Tom Hanks) throughout the entire movie. Forrest said, “YES!” And the yeses were not sporadic or required much contemplation. They were spontaneous in the present moment.

Forrest had gumption. He took chances. By saying yes, he created an interesting life full of adventure and possibilities.

Fear was not his core belief. Love was his core belief. By choosing faith, opportunities came knocking on his door, one after another. Audience members fell in love with Forrest because they saw something in him; something that they longed to have. The power to say yes to life!

Today, I observed my son say no to everything I suggested or Pierre suggested. I elaborated, “How about going to the library?” Gabriel said, “No.” I asked, “How about playing an instrument?” He replied, “No.” I questioned, “How about going swimming?” Gabriel continued, “No.”

Today, I observed a painter say no to a connection to sell her paintings because she is too old; she’s been there and don’t that; no one ‘here’ likes her art. Blah-Blah-Blah.

What I observed by these examples are two people that shut down to the experiences of life.

You play small. You get stuck. You reinforce that limiting belief. You sabotage your own efforts. You continue in this cycle of fear. And guess what? It leaves you miserable. You don’t feel safe to live authentic. You don’t feel safe to give and receive love. And you continue to manifest more fear which confirms your original fear.

I sat down at lunch and described this painter to Gabriel. I asked, “How would you describe her?” Gabriel responded, “Miserable.”

Then, I shared the message of Forrest Gump. He took chances, risks, and a leap of faith. He said YES to life.

Are you aware of your patterns?

Are you playing small, stuck and sabotaging your own efforts?

Are you closing yourself from others and the world?

Are you living in fear?

How are your results?

Are you experiencing joy, peace and love?

Are you saying YES to life?

If not, for the next thirty days, I challenge you to step out of fear and transform into love. Say yes to every experience, invitation, opportunity. When you do, you won’t go back up to your old pattern because you created a new one that brings you a richness and liveliness that is undeniable.

All love and yeses,

Photo Credit: Thanks to Google Reuse Image