Do you have a tendency to say no opportunities?

How are your results?

What if you said YES to life and welcome opportunities and go with the flow?

Well, I have a 30-day challenge. But it begins with a story.

30 Day Challenge

My hubby and my boys watched the movie Forrest Gump and it resonated with all four of us.

There was a behavior pattern in Forrest throughout the entire movie. Forrest said, “YES!” And the yeses were not sporadic or required much contemplation. They were automatic and spontaneous in the present moment.

Forrest had gumption. He took chances. By saying yes, he created an interesting life full of adventure and possibilities.

Fear was not his core belief. Love was his core belief. By stepping out in faith, opportunities came knocking on his door, one after another. Audience members fell in love with Forrest because they saw something in him; something that they longed to have. The power to say yes to life!

When you say no, you shut down to the experiences of life. When you shut down, you close yourself from the fullness and vibrancy of life. You play small and get stuck. You sabotage your own efforts. You continue in this cycle of fear.

For the next thirty days, I challenge you to step out of fear and transform into love. Say yes to every experience, invitation, opportunity. When you do, you won’t go back up to your old pattern because you created a new one that brings you a richness and liveliness that is undeniable.

I would love to hear from you. Are you saying yes to life? If no is your go to answer, what are some things you can say yes to for the next 30 days? Please share in the comments below.

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Until next time…

Live a Great Story! Live a Great Life!
Jennifer Gremillion