Dear Kissing Readers,

I ventured to Ulta to buy a new lipstick. And my buddy for the day was my son Lucas. I said, “I am going to be quick.” I heard his sigh. And the door opened to makeup.

Lucas helped me pick out lipsticks. He examined the names and said, “This one is called F-Bomb.” I tried some on. He watched me in the mirror and gave his opinions. Now this is when it gets really funny. He shook his head on a particular lipstick that I liked. I tried a few on and went back to the same lipstick, thinking he won’t remember. But of course my little enlightened being didn’t miss a beat. He shared, “That looks like the same one you tried on before.” And he shook his head no… again. And I laughed inside knowing I am not getting this lipstick!

And of course, I found my favorite lipstick; yet, they discontinued it. Up and down the aisles until we find the right one. So much for being quick.

Gabriel came home from school and questioned, “Do you have lipstick on?” I replied, “As a matter of fact I do.” No makeup on but lipstick. Gabriel studied my face and mentioned, “It’s bright.”

Well, Lucas listened intently to the dialogue. Curiously, Lucas pressed, “What do you mean bright? Bright like happy? Or bright like the sun that is so big and wide. Because I see her as both.”


And I delighted watching how Lucas processes life… in his eyes… in his curiosity… in his calmness… in his attention.

Where would you like someone to give you that attention?

Where would you like a buddy in life?

Do you appreciate honest feedback?

Are you as bright as the sun?

Is your brightness your happiness?

Are you letting your light shine?

You don’t need lipstick to shine bright. You need a knowingness and awareness that no one can dim your light. You are worth it. Someone doesn’t give you your worth. You don’t have to jump high enough or through hoops.

And as you know your worth, you shine brightly for all to see… as bright as the sun with its golden rays bringing warmth, radiance, and nurturing everyone you go. That is who you are.

Finally bright,