Dear Massage Lovers,

Do you love a great massage? There are many benefits of massages. It’s relaxing, releases toxins, eases muscle pain so you can feel good and be in alignment.

Well, this family is filled with massage lovers.

When I first brought Gabriel to get a massage, he thought it was strange. But as he got older, he asks for massages. It helps breakup his scar tissue from his 13 surgeries and helps him feel good in his body. The other day, I picked Gabriel up from school. He expressed, “I hope we aren’t going to run any errands because I have lots of homework.” I shared, “Well, I scheduled you a massage, but I can reschedule it for Friday.” Gabriel shouted, “I’ll take it! Then, I’ll be relaxed to do my homework. And you can make me that calm tea.”

And Lucas just needs to marry a masseuse. He wants me to rub his arms at night. Lucas adds, “And don’t forget my fingers.” He likes Pierre to rub his back. If we are sitting on the couch, Lucas lays on you with his shirt lifted. It’s the sign I am ready for a rub.

Who isn’t ready for a rub?

Lucas and I enjoyed the massage chairs at Brookstone. I looked his way and his eyes were shut, breathing in the present moment. And I smiled. He is in tune.

When Pierre is stressed or traveling a lot, I suggest a massage. And the same with me. Ideally, if we could each do one a month, we are happy campers.

All too often we get busy in life and neglect ourselves. We abandon our bodies and are detached from it because we are caught up in busyness of life. The more you stay in tune with your body, in tune with your thoughts, in tune with your feelings, you appreciate the communication system it is. It wants a deeper connection with you, a deeper experience, deeper… Pay attention to your body. You can only beat it down for so long and eventually it gets sick.

You are never selfish for loving yourself and caring for yourself. If you don’t love and care for yourself, who will? It begins with you.

You are never too late or too old to take care of yourself. And something as simple as a massage might be what the doctor ordered. If you are thinking of Christmas gifts for yourself or others, give the gift of a massage.

Happy massage lover and healthy self-care lover,