Dear Thankful Readers,

There is so much to be thankful for . . . today and every day. We gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving with joy and gratitude. But all year long, we make deposits in our thankful account.

Each morning, I awake with gratitude and I go to sleep with gratitude. And of course, there are days and nights that I may not “feel” like it. But depositing gratitude in my life is a spiritual discipline. It keeps my mind from traveling with the demands of the ego and beckons me to come into alignment with the spirit.

We get to choose the deposits that we make with our mind, body and spirit every day.

With our mind…

We can choose to practice gratitude and joy. We can reach for life-giving beliefs. We can adjust our thoughts . . . letting go of thoughts that are depleting us and encouraging thoughts that are nourishing us.

With our body…

We can choose imperative self-care . . . baths, nature walks, exercise, good sleep, dance, vitamins, healthy food . . . letting go of the belief that we don’t have enough time or money to implement certain practices and embracing our self-worth with loving acts.

With our spirit…

We can choose disciplines that allow us to soar and shine . . . prayer, meditation, energy clearings, ascension tools, reading inspiring books, connecting with like-minded people . . . letting go of the belief that we must struggle in the material world and reconnect to the peace that awaits us in the spiritual world.

I am making depositing of love and light with my family. My boys realize it but will appreciate it when they are older. I am making deposits of love and light connecting with heart-centered, good energy, and awaken people. I am making deposits of love and light with my writing.

My prayer is that may my life may be used of mighty service  . . . a sweet offering and aroma. As I clear my consciousness, may the healing echo into collective consciousness.

You are making deposits everyday with your thoughts, feelings, behaviors.

What deposits are you making with your mind?

What deposits are you making with your body?

What deposits are you making with your spirit?

Is your thankful account overflowing? Or are you overdrawn?

May you make abundant Thanksgiving deposits of love and light . . .  joy and gratitude . . . peace and grace. You are worth an overflowing account.